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Do 'Natural Traders' Exist?

natural traderWe often hear the term 'Natural Athlete'. Or natural golfer, footballer or tennis player. Yet what about a 'Natural Trader'? You may have heard the term used in regards to a small subset of successful traders. Yet in reality, human beings are not made to trade!

Often trading requires us to go against our natural instincts and emotions. For this reason the simple act of trading successfully is difficult for the majority.

In most jobs we can take, or be in, control. We can use our education and intellect. Or apply logic and problem solving skills to create solutions and therefore rewards. 

Yet, when trading, these characteristics and intrinsic drivers are not going to make you a better trader. 

You can't control the markets. You can't outsmart the markets. And if you think you can apply logic to the markets then you better pack up your bags right now! 

The markets are bad teachers. They will make you take small profits, or run for the hills on minor pullbacks. Or hold onto big losers in the hope they will turn around. 

Plus our natural thought processes make us feel like each of our trades is a failure. Perhaps we got stopped out for a loss. Or we gave away some open profits. Or we bought too late or sold too early. Our minds torment us, telling us we are terrible traders. 

This is why in trading ATTITUDE is far more important than APTITUDE. Your systems and the mechanics of your trading strategy are important, of course. Yet they are all for nothing if your attitude and psychology are not in the right place. 

Your trading success is not about your intelligence, your ability to take control, or your logic. It's about what sits between your ears - your mindset. 

So, if you can create a mindset that throws logic, the need to be right, and a need to be in control out the window, then you are on your way to being a successful trader.

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