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Be The Best Loser You Can

money detachmentThere is an old saying, "The best loser is the long term winner".

I completely agree.

Professionals have the ability to cope with losses and deal with periods of equity decline.

Amateurs don't.

Because they believe professional traders rarely have losses.

I'm not going there. (If you still believe that myth, best hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page).

There's also another well known saying, " Only trade with money you can afford to lose".

I agree with this one as well, yet it's misunderstood.

It's taken literally, when it shouldn't be.

It's not actually about losing the money.

It's about not being emotionally attached to the money. When you become detached from the money you're more likely to follow the process.

And then a funny thing happens when you follow the process.

You tend to make money.

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