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There's A Monster In The Bed

Fotolia 53558728 XS - CopyI remember when I was very very young I'd hear noises in the night.

I'd do 'the walk' - you know the one that all 4yo's do. Sprinting down the hall to your parents room and safety from the monsters lurking outside.

I'd stand at the side of Mum's bed until she awoke. I didn't dare stand at my father's side.

Of course a small prod here and there helped wake her. Or a random cough.

She was obviously a very deep sleeper because sometimes she never awoke (Oh, please! - she knew damn well I was there).

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The Slow Chef

The Slow chef 2A few years ago I decided to make a concerted effort to do a little more cooking. Well, maybe start doing some cooking is more like it.

We're talking about a bloke who lived at home until he got married. I could handle a barbeque, although that's really about it (I did go on a muffin making foray once, but that story is way too embarrassing to share).

Trish was obviously very supportive, perhaps a tad too much. So keen she started a blog called The Slow Chef with the aim " follow the journey of Nick from Noosa as he learns how to cook."

The Slow Chef? What the...

Trish will tell you it's because I was just slow taking up the whole cooking thing.

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The Problem With Fishing

Nick fishing 2Over the years I have worked hard on calming my mind. Lowering the internal chatter. Moved away from constant stock prices, P&L, systems and other trading ideas that flood it.

Now I just read fiction. I rarely read trading books these days.

And I used to play a lot of golf.

The problem with golf was that my score seemed to be highly correlated with my age - it just went in one direction. I started needing my maths skills more on the golf course than when I was trading.

Which kind of defeated the purpose of playing golf to take my mind off trading.

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Who wants to be a Billionaire?

dollar signsI wanna be a billionaire so *@#&ing bad
Buy all the things I never had
I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

So says Bruno Mars.

It wasn't Forbes but it was the BRW Rich List I was flicking through recently. I do it every year just to see if one of my old mate's still there.

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The Secret Is Not Here...

SecretI'm often asked to list my favourite, most influential trading books. Over the last 29 years I've read a LOT of trading books, good and bad. So before we go any further let's think...what's in a trading book?

Probably nothing unless you make it your own.

For example, I have known Peter for 15 years. He's a doctor - a specialist actually, so he must be damn smart. He loves reading trading books. He has hundreds of them. Whenever a new trading book is released, wham! He's ordered it and read it.

He then stows it on a huge bookshelf bulging with trading books.

Like little trophies.

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