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The Big Easy.

golfIn a remarkable turn of events I found myself at the golf range (OK, Trish dragged me out). Alongside me were several international students honing their skills.

When I say students I don't mean students of golf.

And when I say honing their skills, well, I was just being polite.

They certainly weren't physics students. They seemed to be adamant that the harder they swung the club, the further the ball would travel. When this theory didn't achieve the desired results they tossed out a few expletives in some unknown dialect and let fly with another cruel and violent swipe at the ball.

Reload. Ping. Kinyezi!

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The Slow Chef - Part 2

have your cake and eat it tooI did try my hand at cooking some 20-years ago before Trish and I were married. The outcome scarred me for many years and quite frankly it's a miracle she even considered me worthy of marriage from that point on.

Newly moved in together and unsupervised I decided to cook up some tasty muffins from a recipe I found.

How bad could it get?

I dutifully made the mixture as per the instructions and started carefully placing it into the muffin tray. The dilemma I immediately faced was that I had enough mixture for 24 muffins, but a tray that only handled 6.

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Some Sage Advice From Sgt Schultz.

sage adviceWho would have thought some advice from a Stalag 13 guard some 50 years ago would be so useful to investors today?

Let me tell you about a guy I knew in 2002. Let's call him Harold.

He was trying to manage his own super fund which was worth around $400,000 at the time.

It's probably worth much the same today, over 10 years on, which makes sense because he was simply too scared to actually place a trade or invest - in anything.

Harold absorbs all things Doom & Gloom.

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Why Useful beats Amazing

chasing dollarsWinning Lotto would be amazing. Shooting a hole in one would be amazing. Having a bank account like Warren Buffett would be amazing.

But all are grossly unrealistic.

Having a job is useful. Just staying on the fairway is useful (note to self).

Making each trade, one at a time, day after day, month after month, year after year, is useful.

You get amazing results just doing useful things over the longer term.

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Dial Before You Dig.

This is a shovel.

It is used to dig holes. Unfortunately a lot of people dig holes in inappropriate the stock market.

Taking quick profits and not allowing the trend to run. Dig. Hanging onto losing trades in the hope they will turn around. Dig. Punting on stocks that are being talked up by the media or taxi drivers. Dig. Taking excessive risk on individual trades. Dig.

It's only when they are buried with little to no trading capital left that they call me.

Sometimes it's too late.

If you've dug yourself into a hole, you need to:

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