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Happy birthday to The Chartist

Happy 50th birthdayHappy 50th birthday  to The (Ultimate) Chartist, Nick Radge.

Nick and I have lived together for half his lifetime (blimey!) so I think, on this special occasion, I can share a few insights into what it’s like living with a professional trader.

He hasn’t always been a successful trader. I would classify our first 10 years together as ‘the learning years’ or BS (before success) and the last 15 years as SS (since success).

Here’s my take on things:
1. Living with SS is far less stressful than living with BS. The BS trader is distracted, cranky and basically miserable. SS trader is calm and follows a predictable routine (not nearly as boring as it sounds).
2. SS Trader's routine means he has more time for fishing. BS Trader is always on his computer, checking his trades, trying different strategies.

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10 simple tips that give me the trading edge

relaxed stock trader 300A question put to me recently by a reader made me think long and hard.

He wrote, "In trading, what qualities are needed to be your best? In other words, why do you succeed where others failed?"

Well, success is in the eye of the beholder, but I guess I've done okay at mastering a life/work balance.

I have done well for a few reasons.

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I sat an investment exam and failed miserably

failedThe bastard kicked me under the desk.

On live TV.

Then at the ad break he leaned across the desk and seethed, "You can't say that!"

The guy was a total fruit loop.

Sky Business News would always put me, the technical guy, up against a fundamental guy to get some debate going; keep audience attention. And let's face it - us technical blokes do throw around some perky jargon. None of that boring balance sheet, PE Ratio, stuffy armchair in a smoky men's club gibberish.

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The Secret To Beating The Market

Beat the marketIt's official. At least that's the conclusion from the flash boys over at Morgan Stanley. The most effective way to beat the Australian market over the last 26-years?


You know: buying stocks that go up. Selling the ones that go down.

And it wasn't a slight aberration. Momentum was a 10 out of 10 on their ranking system.

Value investing? Ranked 1 out of 10.

Hard to believe, I know. Don't get brainwashed by the sales and marketing tripe sold by the Buffett parrots.

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The Big Easy

traders sweet spotIn a remarkable turn of events I found myself at the golf range (OK, Trish dragged me out).

Alongside me were several international students honing their skills.

When I say students I don't mean students of golf.

And when I say honing their skills, well, I was being polite.

They certainly weren't physics students. They seemed to be adamant that the harder they swung the club, the further the ball would travel. When this theory didn't achieve the desired results they tossed out a few expletives in some unknown dialect and let fly with another cruel and violent swipe at the ball.

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