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Good Trade - Bad Trade

good trade bad tradeIt's interesting to hear how people define success and failure when it comes to trading.

What constitutes a well thought out disciplined trade? An ill conceived one?

What someone perceives as being a good trade. What someone perceives as being a bad one.

Here are some guidelines that may help you along. But I want you to think about consistency. After all anyone can put their hard earned money on the table and come up with a winning trade every now and then.

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The Bear List

watch listThe momentum anomaly can be found in both bull and bear markets.

Whilst I personally focus on trading the long side with momentum, it's a popular choice for discretionary traders on the short side during times of negative sentiment.

Considering global markets are at risk of a more sustained correction, or possibly even a bear market, we've introduced the Momo-50 Bear Watchlist within our Trade Long Term service.

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What to do during major pullbacks

pullbacksBull markets make us complacent.

Be it property, stocks or commodities, investors and traders get so used to the markets going up, that they panic when things start reversing and some of their profits disappear

Yet pullbacks are inevitable. If pullbacks are not in your thinking then your investment plan is not a realistic one. In fact it is likely to be a plan fraught with danger.

However, if you design your investment plan to cope with market ups and downs, then your actions during major market pullbacks are simple. That is, do NOTHING.

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12 Steps to Trading Success

trading mentorHigh intelligence has nothing to do with trading success. There are more important characteristics and behaviours that go towards the foundations of successful trading.

Some are obvious, others not so obvious as on the surface they appear unrelated. In today's newsletter we could outline the 'Dirty Dozen' factors that have contributed to wiping out the trading capital of many a trader.

Instead we'll focus on the 'Decisive Dozen' that, if adhered to, will assist you to trade over the longer term.

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Stairs and Elevators

 stairs and elevatorsA nasty week in the markets last week.

After hitting new equity highs in recent months, my portfolios are now in drawdowns of between -8% and -14%.

They all remain within the realms of normal operations.

It's a reminder that trading isn't comfortable. Indeed it can get downright uncomfortable at times. If it were easy all the time then everyone would be doing it and be successful at it.

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