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Successful Stock Trading by Nick Radge

successful stock trading by Nick RadgeSuccessful Stock Trading
A Guide to Profitability
By Nick Radge

Successful Stock Trading e-book is designed to show you an alternative way of looking at profitability and your own trading. I specialize in risk management and systematic trading strategies. While systematic trading may sound complicated to the new trader, it simply means a strategy that is defined by very specific rules – rules to define the trend, enter and exit the market and manage risk. This is the way I have always traded and I am happy to share my insights into trading the global markets. - Nick Radge

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Computerised Trading Systems for Beginners

New traders are often enticed to start trading using computerised trading systems or, as they're sometimes known, “black box" systems. These programs tend to be sold by high pressure sales companies that make the world of trading and profits sound remarkably simple and low risk – buy the software then each day push the green button for buy and sell signals. However, as always, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

A black box refers to a strategy where you are told the rules to follow but the seller does not reveal the specific strategy or “secrets” behind the buy and sell signals. Before you start trading a black box system you need to ensure that it suits your investment needs, personality and circumstances.

Some important questions to ask before committing to a black box system (or any trading system for that matter):

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When Does the ASX Open?

When does the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) open and how does the opening auction work?

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) opens in several phases each trading day. These are Sydney times:

7am-10am Pre-open
10am* Open. The open lasts approx. 10 minutes. Securities open in five groups, according to the starting letter of their ASX code. See Groups below.
10am­-4pm Normal Trading
4pm-4:10pm Pre CSPA (Closing Single Price Auction)
4:10pm*-4:12pm Closing Single Price Auction

*Random +/- 15 secs

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Understanding the Growth Portfolio

Protecting And Growing Your Wealth By
Investing Just 10 Minutes A Day


In just a few minutes I’ll show you why you don’t need to be at the mercy of the economic climate... don’t need to lose a ton of money every time we go through a bear market... and how to turn the stock market around from being a ‘hopeless game of chance’ into a method of growing your wealth over the long term without being concerned about another GFC meltdown.

Make no mistake. Up until now there has been no easy way of doing this. And as many investors found out during the GFC, you simply cannot hand your money over to an expert and hope for the best. You need to take charge. You need to take responsibility and be in control.

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Understanding the Power Setups®

Now You can Tap Into The Moneymaking Power Of The Most Successful Traders In The World


A World Renowned Short Term Trading Strategy

Billionaire J. Paul Getty was once quoted as saying: “If you want to get rich, just find someone making lots of money and do what he’s doing.”

And this is exactly what you’re about to get the opportunity to do. But the good news is you won’t be just relying on my expertise, but what many people have referred to as two of the world’s safest, most profitable and proven short term trading strategies.

Skeptical? I would be too. So before I continue, let me give you some history of these two great strategies and then let me tell you about my 'ah-ha' moment 20 years ago.

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