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Why Take The Risk?

protective stopOne of my favourite trading mantras...

'I will place a protective stop without fail every time a trade triggers'

The reason is simple.

No one knows what markets are going to do from one day to the next.

Not you.

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It's More Important To Play A Good Defense

Its More Important To Play A Good DefenseIn my 34 years of trading I've never met anyone that didn't like to make profits.

Yet, for some strange reason, there seems to be an overwhelming number who hate losses.

Go figure.

Unless you've been sucked into a Ponzi scheme, you can't have one without the other.

They come hand in hand.

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Tips Toward A Prosperous 2019

Tips Toward A Prosperous 2019Many new traders believe there is a Holy Grail. A magic indicator. A rock solid metric. A particular setup. Some think there is a secret.

Letting go of this mindset is very difficult.

New traders go from newsletter to newsletter, forum to forum, expert to expert.

Looking for that guaranteed system that will set them up for life.

Yet there is no such system.

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Don't Fight It!

dont fight itThe trend has been up in the U.S ever since the 2009 low.

During this period of time it was rare to hear anyone suggest shorting the market. Price action was smooth, impulsive and strong.

Why would you contemplate fighting it?

The question now; are we are entering a new bear market phase?

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Australia GFC 2.0?

all ordinaries accumulation indexThe Australian economy is continuing to show signs of vulnerability and evidence of a nasty credit crunch are emerging; growth is down, investment is down, wages growth is down and consumption growth is down.

Households are not spending. They're tapped out and under pressure as house prices fall. For the last 20-years the RBA has relied on household debt to meet their inflation targets, but with debt levels at record highs, house prices falling and the big banks are continuing to dampen lending, the RBA is at a crossroads.

The recent Q3 GDP data printed at 0.3% vs the expected 0.6% was a significant shock to economists sending many to suggest the RBA will need to lower interest rates - not tighten as many has expected. 

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