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What's Holding You Back?

Holding BackWhen trading, why do we sometimes do the wrong thing?

We have a strategy in place. A set of rules. Risk management guidelines, etc.

Yet we deviate.

It's called the AKRASIA EFFECT.The state of acting against your better judgement.

It's when you do one thing even though you know you should be doing something else.

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Words Of Wisdom From A Long Term Trader

words of wisdomThe failure rate of traders who decide to take on this profession in a full time capacity is very high. The vast majority blow up their trading capital within the first couple of years. And sometimes within months.

Then it's back to the day job.

Trading can be a humbling experience. It's not for the faint of heart. Nor for the risk taker. The adrenaline junkie. Or the impulsive who may have issues applying discipline.

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Do 'Natural Traders' Exist?

natural traderWe often hear the term 'Natural Athlete'. Or natural golfer, footballer or tennis player. Yet what about a 'Natural Trader'? You may have heard the term used in regards to a small subset of successful traders. Yet in reality, human beings are not made to trade!

Often trading requires us to go against our natural instincts and emotions. For this reason the simple act of trading successfully is difficult for the majority.

In most jobs we can take, or be in, control. We can use our education and intellect. Or apply logic and problem solving skills to create solutions and therefore rewards. 

Yet, when trading, these characteristics and intrinsic drivers are not going to make you a better trader. 

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Cutting Losses

cutting lossesOne of the hardest lessons to learn is to cut trading losses quickly.

We've all been tempted, novice or experienced trader, to override our systems. We have the desire to avoid a loss.

It's a bad move though.

Sooner rather than later the market will whack you hard. A loss that may even end your trading career!

It's psychology more than intelligence.

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10 Mantras for Trading Success

mind over matterIn my view trading success is all about 'Mind Over Matter'. In simple terms applying your mind to what matters most, then leaving the rest of the noise behind.

You can have the best strategy on the planet. Yet if your mind and personal psychology are not robust, then you'll be your strategy's weakest link.

You can't back test your psychology. Yet if you are honest with yourself, you can think back to all those losing trades when a lack of discipline was the cause of your losses. 

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