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Learning New Skills and Staying Motivated

Ruthless TradingDoes this sound familiar?

You're motivated. You're excited. You're yearning to learn a new skill or start a new project.

Yet, once you start, the excitement starts to subside.

The drudgery kicks in.

Entrepreneurs fall into this trap. When looking for new ways to improve and evolve their businesses, they get bored soon into the process.

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A Losers Game?

stressed manHere's an interesting chart^.

The profit and loss distribution of 14,799 FX and CFD traders in France over a 4-year period.

The blue columns are the buckets of profits/losses. The red line is the cumulative percentage of these clients.

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The Art of Being Objective

relaxed stock trader 300Do you have a set opinion about a market or a stock?

Does this sound familiar?

You enter a position and you're already thinking about what the final outcome will be.

You've bought into the position convinced that the market is going to move in your favour. After all, it was the perfect set up! 

Yet, as traders we need to remember: there are no guarantees. 

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Trading - The Lonely Journey?

active interestOne of the more difficult things that people find with trading is the isolation.

Picking stocks is a lonely business. especially if you're used to working with like-minded people. People you interacted with, bounced ideas off, or enjoyed being around.

Humans are social creatures. Trading removes this natural human need. New traders can feel edgy and uncomfortable.

Trading is also an emotional business. It's one thing to lose money, yet to lose money in an environment where there is no one to help you debrief can be a challenge.

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Why It Pays To Diversify.

time windowThe prevailing wisdom is to ensure you diversify your portfolio.

Buy a selection of shares. Buy some REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust). A few bonds perhaps. And a little cash for a rainy day.

But that's not what I do.

Rather than invest in a portfolio of shares, I invest in a portfolio of strategies.

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