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Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

clutter noiseMicromanagement.

It's what so many of us get caught up in when trying to run our businesses.

The need to control all the small things in our work place and to get rid of the endless clutter.

When it comes to trading though, the best thing to do is to stop micromanaging. Stop trying to control the noise, the daily demands coming from external factors that lure you into a world of stress and anxiety. 

Traders who micromanage are trying to outsmart the market. They read company reports, news items, broker newsletters, forums and expert commentary. 

They end up forming a subjective opinion on market direction which is a sure fire way to lose money. 

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Mortgage Stress Continues to Bubble

home sweet homeExperts have been calling for the housing bubble to burst in Australia for many years now. Yet prices have continued to head north.

The rate of annual increases has moved at an even faster pace over the past few years. However towards the end of 2017 and 2018 thus far, there are indicators surfacing that suggest a breather in house appreciations may be upon us.

I was recently talking to the Principal of a well known Real Estate Agency in Sydney. With a perplexed look he said that in 2018 so far, he'd noticed a 10% drop in prices in his area compared to the prices achieved in 2017.

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Is Winning the Name of the Game?

Financial successThere are so many aspects to life that have a focus on winning.

There's a stigma attached to losing.

It starts early in our school and sporting endeavours. And continues into adulthood across aspects including business.

Is a 'win at all costs' attitude relevant to trading? 

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Making Watchlists Work For You

under armourHow can you use our new free watchlist service, Trade Long Term, to spot opportunities?

It's important to state that these watchlists are not signals. Instead they provide a short list of high momentum stocks that are potentially continuing with strong trends or pulling out of basing patterns and beginning new trends higher.

Here's a few examples from this week's Momo-50 List.

Under Armour (UA) showed up at #7 on this week's list. It provides a classic example of a basing pattern which tend to turn into a new trend higher.

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Outlook for Australian Small Caps

weekly chart 27th april 2018Members will know that Trish and I have 100% of our SMSF capital allocated to the Growth Portfolio, specifically in the Small Cap space.

Peter Hammersley, author of the ASX Chart Research service has some positive words about the Small Cap end of the Australian market:

It's a well known fact that when confidence is high and global equity markets are trending nicely, investors and traders are inclined to take on more risk.

This is called “risk on”.

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