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A Simple Monthly System for ASX Investors

Relaxed lifestyle 300 002After a break we're back to our regular newsletter discussions on all things trading. To start it off again I thought I'd discuss a simple 'once-a-month' strategy for ASX investors. 

Let's face it; we all aspire to have the track record of Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio or Bill Dunn.

And yet our behaviour suggests otherwise. 

In today's 'social media' world we get pressured and focus more on short term outcomes. In turn we tend toward sub-optimal strategies (if any) rather than taking the long term view like those investors we aspire to.

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Share Trader Finds his Mark in Noosa

Nick and Trish Radge with Trader Trent Rothall At Noosapalooza 2015286Trent Rothall was enjoying a game of Aussie Rules on his 21st birthday when a bad fall changed his life forever. Trent was a keen footy player, had just finished his apprenticeship and qualified as an electrician. Suddenly he found himself a quadriplegic and the life he had planned took a dramatic turn.

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Special Report Week: The Big Picture

special report world viewVolatility in global markets is at the lowest level since 1993.

And one thing I've learnt over the last 32-years is that high levels of volatility tend to follow.

Which means something big could be brewing.

But the question is, where?

And how do we profit from it?

We're going to try to answer these questions for you...

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ASX Trading Calendar 2017

CalendarEach year the ASX announces their trading calendar or, more specifically, the days the ASX will be closed.

In 2017 the ASX will be closed on the following dates:

New Year's Day Monday 2 January 2017
Australia Day Thursday 26 January 2917
Good Friday Friday 14 April 2017
Easter Monday Tuesday 25 April 2017
Queen's Birthday Monday 12 June 2017
Christmas Day Monday 25 December 2017
Boxing Day Tuesday 26 December 2017

These dates may be altered so it is always best to check the ASX website for confirmation.

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Networking your way to better financial returns

Nick Trish 200Trading for a living is a lonely career and I believe most people are better off keeping their day job, earning a regular income and trading or investing on the side. You probably didn’t want to hear that if you have just told your boss where to go and followed the advice of an ‘investment guru’ who says you can not only trade for a living but you will be driving a Ferrari in 6 months’ time.

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