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How Far Can this Bull Run?

bullish chart 002The secular bull market that began in the spring of 2013 for US markets, had been tested in both its earnings and stocks through to the midpoint of last year.

However, If we look beyond the largest 100 companies, most stocks haven't yet started moving higher - although that appears to be changing.

From the midpoint of 2016 the secular bull market has certainly broadened out.

The wide range is notable and it’s now worth paying attention to.

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Beware of Executives Selling Shares.

sell off 002The daily ups and downs of the market are for the most part beyond our control.

Yet the actions of a select few can have a direct effect on a share price.

The few I'm talking about are executives of Australian listed companies.

Beware of executives selling shares.

When executives sell their shares in a company right before a general meeting, that's reason enough to pay attention.

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Click Frenzy: The Future of Australian Retail?

Amazon retail 002Online shopping is as simple as tapping the screen on your smartphone, yet as we lead increasingly busy lives, we are developing a growing appetite for online shopping.

As we can see in the following chart, online shopping has experienced great upwards growth.

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Plenty of Bull Left to run in this market

Bull market 002The horses at this years Melbourne Cup may have run their race for yet another year, but when it comes to the US stock market there's still plenty of run left in it.

9th November 2017

With strong fundamentals and investor sentiment driving prices higher, what we are seeing is a classic example of a secular bull market.

“A secular bull market is a market driven by forces that could be in place for many years, causing the price of a particular investment or asset class to rise over a long period of time.”

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Index funds could destroy your wealth...again.

break the bank 002An index fund is an ETF that is constructed to match or track the underlying market, such as the ASX-200 index.

Index funds are back in the news again as investors begin to worry that all time highs can only be followed by an inevitable crash.

Media pundits are keen to point out that indexing is performing better than being active, constantly repeating Warren Buffett's sage advice “to simply buy the SPY ETF”.

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