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Podcast: Don't Talk About Your Stocks with Nick Radge

Dont talk about your stocksNick Radge, The Chartist, was interviewed by Andrew Selby from Don't Talk About Your Stocks in November 2013.

Listen to the Nick Radge interview here.

In this podcast, Nick discusses how he started trading, why he chooses to be a systematic trader and the lessons he has learnt over the last 27 years. There is a lot to learn from Nick's mistakes - risk management, stick to your trading plan or, more importantly, make sure you have a trading plan.

'Every newbie should listen to this interview,' - Chris G, Cronulla, NSW

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Podcast: Nick Radge Master Trader Interview

Nick Radge 500 webThe Master Trader's Workshop takes a beginner trader and runs their strategy by an expert. In this interview the apprentice is Jeremy Clifford. Jeremy has worked for Vanguard, but as he said to me he is living proof that the licenses mean nothing for one’s trading skills. The master feedback comes from Nick Radge, aka The Chartist. Nick is the author of several books, his most famous being Unholy Grails – A New Road to Wealth and Weekend Trend Trader. He is the Director of The Chartist – a subscription service for individual investors, and he’s got a lot of high quality presentations freely available on his site and on YouTube.

The apprentice’s conversation today is between myself and Jeremy Clifford. Jeremy goes to Law school in Oregon. He has been trading for four years on his own. Before that, he worked at Vanguard Mutual Funds. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Topics covered include trading an edge, the effect of trade frequency, challenges of trading a small account, and how to add more systems and markets the right way – even with a small account.

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