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Nick Radge on Your Money Your Call 8th Nov 2016

YMYC podcast logoLast night Nick Radge appeared on Your Money Your Call with Julia Lee from Bell Direct. Nick mentioned that our main portfolio (the Growth Portfolio) is currently at 75% cash in reaction to the market trending down prior to the US election. We use defensive action when the market turns down and if, after the election, the market turns back up we will get back in. This is the strategy we advise our members to follow also.

You can listen to the podcast here.


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Better Systems Trader podcast with Nick Radge

Better systems traderBetter System Trader- Episode 4 – Nick Radge

Andrew Swanscott: Welcome to Better System Trader podcast, episode number four. Todays guest is a professional trader, analyst, educator, and an author of a number of books. He’s been trading since 1995, was a floor trader at the Sydney Futures Exchange, and worked for international banks in London, Singapore and Sydney. He’s an expert in trading system design and technical analysis.

Listen to the podcast recording heretv orange


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